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Medical Products Administration of Shandong Province visited our company for investigation and research
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  In order to push the implementation of strive to develop the vaccine enterprises proposed by Liu Jiayi who is the Party secretary of Shandong Province, the investigation and research for Shandong Yidu Biotechnology Co., Ltd was organized on March 14th, 2019. The people who participated in the investigation and research included Shi Guosheng who is the level 2 inspector of Medical Products Administration of Shandong Province, Wang Xinjian who is the director of production section and Zhao Yan who is the section chief of production section, accompanied by Wang Xiufeng who is the party secretary of Dongying administration for market regulation, Wang Xiufeng who is the director general and Wang Xuefeng who is the deputy director general.

  Shi guosheng conveyed the guiding thought of Liu Jiayi who is the Party secretary of Shandong Province on promoting the construction of vaccine enterprises and accelerating the development of vaccine enterprises during the investigation and research. Director Wang Xinjian gave guidance on the compliance of laws and regulations in the process of product registration. Director general, Wang Xiufeng said that they would do their best to solve the difficulties during the development of enterprises.

  Fan Ke, the general manager of our company, gave a detailed report on the company's development process, factory building, the registration situation of products, the advancement of production technology. Then Shi Guosheng and other leaders accompanied by Fan Ke visited the workshop of freeze-dried rabies vaccine for human use.

  Shi guosheng fully affirmed the company's development and achievements, and put forward constructive suggestions on the problems the company is facing and the follow-up work.

  Product quality is the life of an enterprise. The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, care for health", constantly strengthens quality management, strictly undertakes the entity responsibility of drug quality and safety, and realizes full control of the whole life cycle of drugs including research and development, production and sale. We strive to produce the vaccine belonging to the people of shandong province, and the vaccine whose quality can be assured for the whole nation.

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